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Parenting is both the most sacred and the most difficult journey one can experience in life. Although we all know this, our society is not structured in a way which prepares, supports and guides parents for such a journey. Every developmental age of your child presents its own set of challenges for both child and parent. I offer empowering parental coaching to help you get through the difficult aspects of family life such as family conflict, middle school and tween issues, dealing with teenagers, and issues related to divorce and co-parenting. My coaching approach is clear, direct and goal oriented, intended to help parents navigate parental life in a way that fosters healthy communication and connection.

For those more spiritually oriented I provide an empowering coaching approach through a philosophy called “Conscious Parenting,” a coin termed by psychologist and author Dr. Shefali Tsabary. This amazing philosophy views parenthood as a spiritual opportunity for both parent and child.  The Conscious Parenting approach will provide you with tools to increase your own capacity for “presentness” in any given moment and especially with your child. With this spiritual framework, everyday parenting tasks become emotional and spiritual lessons to help parents evolve and children grow to be conscious adults.

Here are some ways to see if Conscious Parenting is worth exploring for your family:

  1. Traditional models of parenting that emphasize discipline and control do not resonate with you.
  2. You are spiritually oriented in other areas of your life or you would like to be.
  3. You are willing to do some meaningful yet challenging introspective work. In my experience this model is best suited for people who have high insight into themselves and are willing to learn to engage in new ways of being.