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Do you have a child or a family member experiencing emotional pain that is impacting the whole family? Is your family experiencing difficulty with tween/teen issues, or major changes such as divorce or loss? Or perhaps your relationships within the family don’t feel as connected as you would like them to be?

Families have such a profound impact on our beings. It is here we first learn lessons of trust, attachment and intimacy. The family system into which we were born has significant influences on the way we come to see and carry ourselves individually and in relation to the world around us. As human beings, we are intrinsically relational and our relationships are very much effortful, needing constant and conscious care. Unfortunately many of us are not taught how to care for our close relationships and often find ourselves stuck in a family dance we know isn’t working to promote the growth we so desperately desire. As a family therapist, I attempt to join the family system and become involved in the repeated interactions that form the family structure which shapes the way its members think and behave. From here, my goal is to increase members’ understanding of themselves and their relationships, the issues at hand and their patterns of relating and/or communicating. Together, we look for innovative ways to restore balance within the family system, build on inherent strengths and meet your family goals.

A Family Empowerment approach can be effective when:  

  1. You have a young child experiencing emotional and/or behavioral challenges. Children struggling with anxiety, depression or defiant behaviors are great candidates for a family approach. Parents often seek individual therapy for their child, and although there are many valuable tools to be give to a child individually, I believe that you get more “bang for your buck” when the whole family is involved.  I approach all my work with children from a family perspective. Parents are the experts of their children, they help me understand and know their child. I then focus on helping parents understand their child’s symptoms, teaching BOTH child and parents the tools for more effective coping and identifying and changing communications and behaviors that reinforce symptoms. My constant intention is to empower parents to consciously and effectively help and connect with their children, young or adult.

  2. You are experiencing disconnect in the family relationships. Family counseling can be a great space to learn ways to meaningfully connect to one another.

  3. You are going through difficult life changes. When difficult times are upon us our whole being is impacted and we bring that to our family relationships. If you are experiencing things like relocation, divorce, death or illness, family counseling can be a great space for support and effective coping tools that keep the family connected.

  4. During natural life cycles changes. Our children have different developmental needs as they grow. Healthy families are flexible in that they naturally adapt their rules and patterns of communications to support their children’s changing needs. Sometimes however, we find ourselves not knowing how to do that. Family counseling is a space to explore different members’ needs, increase attunement to one another and identify concrete changes that need to be made in order to facilitate growth and connection.